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Derp and Derpina. Ha! Oliver's favorite song!

A guy had a crush on me once and he started singing this and I finished it off doing the whole version and then I hit his butt with a branched.

Memes....these things ALWAYS make me laugh :)

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HAHAHAHA....Oh this is me everyday, but more like "Oh Fran, you're my main man.  Who's my main man?  You are!  Yes you!  Youuuuu!!!!"

I'm so guilty of this. Except "pretty kitty" rhymes so.


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seems legit. Can't stop laughing


ROFL, this is funny Very rude

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everyday in winter when i was little!!!!

funny meme comic call me- Lol Image, I do this all the time

yeah why not???

derp he loves me

meme comic the flies are up to something- Lol Image


meme comic the flies are up to something- Lol