One of the main goals in my life to make a difference in someone's life. :)

Bucket List

This is my most important wish for my life and I work towards helping all that I love reach this incredible goal every day. Before I die, I want to feel confident that everyone I loved on this side will be with me on the other side.


bucket list: travel the world

Bucket list awesome long as I don't end up in the middle of the ocean or in a country that is in the middle of a war

The other day I saw a woman who was homeless and I drove by her. I have been thinking about her every night. Im not doing that again.

Yes...I want to do this and see if I get anything back

I kind of know how to play but I want to get better.

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bucket list

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I really want to do this!!


Be A Good Parent. #Bucket List # Before I Die

Your Bucket List.

bucket list

Bucket List

bucket list

Yeah you really are!! All the things I want to do.. I want to do them with you!! So my little bucket list.. Im ready to check you off because youre mine!!!

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