Chicken Coop great coop for small suburban back yard with the ability to disassemble for moving.not sure about the planting area above pen, but maybe? this is the exact run/ herb garden that I want!

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A chicken run is a fenced area usually attached to a coop. In situations where free-ranging isn't an option, a run is a safe and secure way to give a backyard flock regular access to fresh air, sunlight and soil.

Briar Extended Chicken Coop & Run | Williams-Sonoma |  Raising chickens ensures a steady supply of fresh, nutritious organic eggs free of antibiotics, hormones and other unnatural additives.

Been thinking about having some chickens. So I can have fresh eggs all the time! Briar Extended Chicken Coop & Run

Pictures of your home-made coops and runs!

Post pictures of your home-made chicken houses and runs discuss items and meet other community members.

Backyard Chicken Coop Design Ideas 48

55 Backyard Chicken Coop Design Ideas

Backyard Chicken Coop Design Ideas 48

Chicken Coop

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