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Burmese python 4 by Tambako the Jaguar on Flickr.

Cool Pin By .... Stunning Pin By .... A monk and sanke at the Wat sri radta-na-ram (Bangpang) temple in the Nonthaburi province of Thailand

I seriously need a burmese python in my life. They are SO gorgeous!!

Green Tree Python my fav snake in the whole wide world!

Baby Green Tree Python ( Harlequin looked like this as a neonate)

sssssssssssnake issss the color I want to paint my kitchen tall cabinet against lilac walls ??? we'll see

I hate snakes but this it actually very beautiful.

Jurassic, Primeval, Micro... Well, it's really a python, but you get the idea...that creeping feeling you are being watched, that grabs you in the pit of your stomach and twists as the moments tick on...

Amelanistic Burmese Python

A green tree python that is going through a color change, this is 100% genuine, the green tree python does this during breading time.