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Vodka Watermelon Frosty! concentrate)  1/2 banana  Little bit of water or juice if needed to blend (depends on how frozen your watermelon is) Blend all ingredients together in blender and garnish with frozen watermelon rind. Could make w/o vodka for kids!

Vodka Watermelon Frosty

Vodka Watermelon Frosty ~ Serves 2 2 cups frozen watermelon cubes 2 shots vodka 2 Tbsp honey lemon, squeezed (or a few drops of lemon juice concentrate) banana Little bit of water or juice if needed to blend (depends on how frozen your watermelon is)

blood orange margarita popsicles *sugar, blood orange juice, mineral water, cointreau, tequila, lime

Blood orange margarita ice blocks with lime salt the food dept.: SPRING into action with our yummy desserts, you may be familiar with these recipes but we have added a little food dept twist!

rose granita: rose water, lime and honey

beautiful colours: rose granita - rose water, lime and honey.I think I want to try this, but it looks too pretty to drink.

CREAMY MARGARITA POPSICLES 15 Limes 1/2 Cup Tequila 1 Cup Water 1 Can Sweetened Condensed Milk Margarita Salt Dixie Cups Popsicles Sticks    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kvxKP46Tp8s&feature=youtube_gdata_player

Creamy Margarita Popsicles Ingredients cup fresh lime juice (about 8 limes), plus 4 limes for stabilizing the popsicle sticks 1 can of sweetened condensed milk 1 cup water ¼ cup tequila 2 tablespoons orange juice (optional) Kosher salt or margarita salt

sorry sweetie, these are mommy's special popcicles... :) hahaha!

Honeydew Cucumber Margarita Popsicle popsicle featuring a honeydew margarita with cucumber. This may be my favorite cocktail pop yet! I love how the cucumber lends a crisp refreshing edge

Rum slushies: 2 pink lemonade concentrates, 2 cans sprite, 24oz water, 16oz white rum. Combine and stick in freezer. Allow to freeze at least overnight. When ready spoon into cups.

Red Rooster (Vodka Slushie)- Ingredients: 1 quarts cranberry juice cocktail 1 can frozen orange juice concentrate, defrosted 2 cups vodka