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Trail of Painted Ponies - Tropical Reef Pony - 2E/3529

Native American Horse.This would look good for horses in the Chitimacha Indian Parade to be painted like this.

American Indians would pay any price for a horse with a stain on his chest like this. They called it a shield & thought it would protect the horse from enemy fire.

I'm actually terrified of horses, but this horse is beautiful!. / Amazingly beautiful EL.

A humans dreams can be seen in the eyes of a horse if you truly believe and want it

Pinion is a mustang. She lived in the wild until she was a six year old. She is well trained. And is a good endurance mount. She is twelve years old.

Sierra Supreme AQHA Stallion

Horse and Man - Exploring the bond between equines and their people.

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If this is not the most beautiful horse I've ever seen, I don't know which horse is!

from Levia L. on Pinterest

Beautiful red and white Paint Horse OH MY GOSH I WANT THIS HORSE! SO PRETTY

I love how uniquely sick this horse looks. Its better than a regular horse because of the random color. Iron Horse or as the Lakota say "Shunke canku"

rocks painted like animals | is a painting I did on a rock of a palomino horse.I am trying to paint ...

Equine American Paint Horse western quarter paint horse paint pinto horse Gypsy Vanner Indian pony solid tovero overo frame sabino

ERMGRD HORSY!! okay, what inner child doesn't want to enter or leave a meadow wedding on horseback??

showgirlglitz: “Amazingly Cool (Spanish N Cool x Obviously Amazing) 2003 16h Sorrel Overo APHA Stallion ”

Native American