drawings by mathew borrett

Matthew Borrett

Mathew Borrett

Mathew Borrett

This is an architecture book with more descriptive power than words alone could possible achieve. The book consists of 454 pages each laser-cut to produce a section representing 2.2cm of the artists actual house in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Mathew Borrett

Drawings by artist Mathew Borrett

Drawings by Moebius (Jean Giraud)

Mind-Bending Maze Drawings Mathew Borrett Renders Surreal Beehive-Like Labyrinths


splashes-of-red: Alexi K, Cognitive Polygraph (Woman Disrobing), 2013 (Pen Ink) Featured here

Ballpoint Drawing 2002 / Mathew Borrett

tower Collin Cobia

mathew borrett

photoshop was used, also looks like copy and paste was used with the birds in the back ground and hand drawing as well with the pencil diagram in the back ground above the light house

Illustrator: Peter P. Pleseneca (1964)

geoff mcfetridge


Architecture drawing