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LMAO so sad, but true! loool

Funny Friendship Ecard: When your skinny friend says she feels fat and you're just standing there.-- lmao made me lol

Actually made this face when I realized the truth about my preferred loungewear.

my yoga pants made it to yoga once. the other 296 times I wore them I was pregnant and too lazy to wear real pants. & prego pants are fugly.

Funny Workplace Ecard: I gotta go to work today cause millions on welfare depend on me.

Ain't that the truth. What would they do if honest people did not work for them so they don't have to?

I may not be skinny, but I'm freaking awesome and that's basically the same thing.

Not skinny but awesome! That's me. I+may+not+be+skinny,+but+I'm+freaking+awesome+and+that's+basically+the+same+thing.

Funny but not funny at the same time!!!

Someday, I hope to be able to afford a new iPhone.like the girl in front of me with the food stamps. i guess if i didnt have to pay for food, i can afford an Iphone

One thing that has no problems... my stomach, way to work with a girl!

Funny Confession Ecard: Rather than go on a diet, I'm hoping to get some sort of horrible stomach ailment. I thought this now I can't put on weight be careful what you wish for the ailment really isn't worth it TRUST ME!

oh my gosh. probably truer then i should be willing to admit. :)

This is me. I feel guilty about it so I water our grass. I'm cleaning out my car in case anyone needs 27 half empty bottles of water

I live in a madhouse ruled by a tiny army that I made myself

I live in a madhouse ruled by a tiny army that I made myself. I LOVE these little people!