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Three brothers from Minnesota are known for making impressive snow sculptures each winter in their New Brighton front yard – this year, they decided to make a sea turtle.

crazy shoes

Crazy cat lady Christmas tree…

A crazy cat lady must-have...

cat socks | Community Post: 16 Crazy Cat Lady Gifts

Cat Hair Mug | 16 Crazy Cat Lady Gifts @Jess Pearl Liu Miller

These are so ridiculous! They very subtly say crazy cat lady


Topshop Cat Print Dress | 16 Crazy Cat Lady Gifts

Dory from Finding Nemo Inspired – Idea Gallery - Makeup Geek

Butterfly dress. Luly Yang. Couldn't resist. Did you know that the Monarch butterfly populations is getting smaller and smaller?

Covering your backpack in bells.

Upside-down Christmas trees.

Bug makeup.

Black cotton swabs.

I need opinions...

Want This New Invention? The Hug Me Jacket ... see more at



Bijoux by Ashwina Vadsaria

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Fantasy Makeup | Book Review: Fantasy Makeup by Becstar Anthony | Shannon Fennell's ...

I just pinned this cause someone needs to GIVE THIS MAN AN AWARD.

Tornado rainbow

This species of snail is the largest in the world. The biggest one ever recorded was a little over 15 inches long and weighed exactly two pounds!