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    candy lipstick

    Candy Cigarettes

    Loved these! You would be sucking on these things all day. I don't think I ever finished one

    Vintage Avon lipstick sample kit. i remember the kit being larger than this. of course when youre between the ages of 3 and 8, everything seems larger than life. i loved these! (whether or not i was ALLOWED to play with them is another story, lol!) i miss these

    candy necklace

    Wow... this brings back memories

    Glitter Batons! Oh another thing I forgot about. Good times


    90's kids lived off this stuff even though it was nasty when we couldn't get the Bubble tape gum

    Loved these guys

    Wax bottles with candy juice.

    I remember these :)

    Lipstick Penny Candy

    Remember crimping your hair?

    Color change mood lipstick

    I loved these! My Grandma Anita would get these and I would always sneak a handful of them!

    remember these?

    Loved these!

    Remember when Mc Donalds looked like this?

    have always loved these

    Flintstones vitamins.