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Two of MTM's finest. 9&10's Kalin Franks is just a little taller than 9&10 Jessica Dupnack.

"My Favorite Pastel Goth Sets" by cat8mouse ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring RED Valentino, Carven, J Brand, T.U.K., Levi's, Dr. Martens, Kreepsville 666, Pamela Love, Cotton Candy and Kill Star

METAPHORS HOLY CRAP! like the metaphor that Kale is submerged with all the pain of the past and the present (because who isn't) but the moment Brynn is hurting he drops down and cares for her.

from Foursquare


~~Rebirth | a glorious sunrise in spring, Rabieux, France | by Thomas Roux~~

view from Sunrise Point at dawn - Bryce Canyon National Park

Vodka makes me sleepy, so.. Goodnight, you.. Sending all my kisses.. Wish you were here ;-)

Cherry pie for breakfast?! Of course! Thanks to 9&10's Kalin Franks & Grand Traverse Pie Co. for the delicious delivery! #910News - Sara Simnitch 7.9.14

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY! 9&10's Kalin Franks made our mugs so festive this morning, she gave us all these red heart stickers! 2/14/14 - Sara Simnitch

How many people can we fit into an edit bay? Taking a small break to watch 9&10's Kalin Franks story, airing tomorrow morning on MTM!

Signing off for the weekend friends. Back in Cadillac and already missing my dirndl. Thank you to the Gaylord community for truly treating the 9&10 crew like their own. Until next year! Enjoy your weekend everybody, be safe. xo K - Kalin Franks 7.18.14