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This was done by knitting three separate pieces, braiding a sewing ends together, but you could cast the whole thing onto one needle, knit for a few rows, then divide onto three needles, knit the three pieces, braid and then put all stitches back on one needle to finish. That's how I'd do it.

Free Knitting Pattern - Scarves: Zurich Scarf

Groove is not your typical rectangular scarf. Stripes and cabled slipped stitches add a punch of graphic sophistication to this stylish scarf.

Can't wait to make something like this. It's a scarf, or a head wrap! Whichever you like :)

Kernel pattern and lace charts on Knitty. Love this pattern! ♥

Free Knitting Pattern - Scarves: Illusions Cable Scarf

HENRY Knit scarf, Knitty: A subtle slip-stitch herringbone pattern on a stockinette background creates a beautiful fabric that appears woven rather than knit, while the lengthwise set-up of the scarf differs from the usual bottom-to-top knit-purl shawl construction.

Free Knitting Pattern - Scarves: Illusions Cable Scarf

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