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  • Jo

    Beautiful Wild Cat

  • Ariel Tolar

    King Cheetah - The difference between a normal spotted cheetah (left) and a rare king cheetah (right) is a mutation in a single gene. Beautiful!

  • Jaylyn Gardner

    King Cheetah #animals #bigcats #cheetah #kingcheetah #black #background #beautiful

  • Penny Grieco

    cool cat what a beauty

  • Caitland Dallas

    King Cheetah (Not a freaking clouded leopard. A lot of these big cat boards really don't know their cats very well...)

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Rare "king" cheetah markings. Indistinct spots and 3 streaks on its spine.

Im torn between my want to cuddle with a huge wild cat and my desire to not be eaten by a huge wild cat. .......Exactly how I feel!

I can't wait till paradise! When we are able to wrestle and care for these intimidating beasts :..) (si Dios quiere)

Mandy is a 4-year-old jaguar and was taken from her mother when she was still a cub and sold in the illegal pet trade.

This is me on the inside when certain people start speaking

caesar artis IMG_0039 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Cloudy leopard... rarely seen in the wild breath taking! Makes you marvel how magical this world is...

cheetah cubs upper cheetah : i saw mom...with uncle?! lower cheetah : say whaaat?!

Leopard | by Marco Berndt on Flickr

The cheetah cannot roar, but ranks among the more vocal felines. Their vocalization includes chirping, stuttering, growling,yowling and purring. These sounds all have a different meaning.