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    Whole generation with a completely new youth identity. 1950's brought hair-drier, hair spray, hair color etc.. The hair should be rolled in feminine curls. In addition to "Rockabilly" hair style, was a great banged front, with loose curls. Fashion is influenced by Christian Dior's "New Look", with feminine lines, narrow waist and wide skirts. Makeup was heavy lipstick, marked eyebrows, the black eyeliner over their eyes. Famous fashion icon is Marilyn Monroe , Rita Hayworth

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Marilyn Monroe - One of the most beautiful and iconic females in history.

Marilyn Monroe "How To Marry a Millionaire" 1953.

Marilyn Monroe. Don't know which movie she's being prepped for, but this is just adorable.

I can get high yeah I can get high like I could never come down call it a curse or just call me blessed if you cant handle my worst you aint gettin my best - Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe. One of the many things I like about her is that she looks so relaxed and approachable in so many of here photos. Someone you would really enjoy speaking to.

'marilyn by moonlight' .... Oh I LOVE LOVE LOVE this pic! I've never seen it before! So lovely!

She is a true inspiration. She showed girls all over the world that you don't have to have a thigh gap, a flat stomach, or thin arms to be beautiful. Sh head stretch marks. Yet she was one of the most beautiful girls ever.

Marilyn Monroe and friend on the set of "The Misfits" by Eve Arnold, 1960 #dog

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