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That ponytail youve been rocking for years? Kinda boring! Instead try these unusual ways to keep your hair off your face when the heat is on.

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30 Cute Ponytail Hairstyles You Need to Try Today

A pony hairstyle for school. School hairstyles should be easy and comfortable. However, it doesn`t mean they should not be stylish. High ponytail, ballerina bun, half down hair with sideswept bang are good solutions for school. - See more at:


Would suit sarah from beyond vanity

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Pump up your ponytail here -

1) twisted back at the crown, pinned and braided 2) double braids pinned back and hair worn down

Part your hair on the right and create a left side ponytail with all but one section of hair from the right side," he says. Next, secure the ponytail with an elastic and twist it into a loose bun. Take the loose section of hair, braid it, wrap it around your head, and work it into the bun. "Don't try and make it look too neat—it totally works as a messy updo

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Create two or three small braids with the front sections of your hair and secure them on the side with bobby pins. To keep them from looking too "done," Ess goes through each braid and loosens it, loop by loop. "You want to make it look a little pulled apart


possibly something like this, except with blonde hair on top and a reddish/brown color underneath?

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