Although it was first posted in October of 2011, heartwarming footage of Cooper, a boy diagnosed as "profoundly deaf" hearing his parent's voice for the first time has resurfaced on the Internet -- sparking waves of happy tears web-wide. According to YouTube user lklascala1, Cooper received two cochlear implants which allowed him regain most of his hearing.

Helen Keller speaks. This is amazing! Helen Keller was a true heroine. She was a magnificent light to our world and should be an inspiration to us all. This is a must-see video that should help us all put our challenges into the proper perspective.

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Brain-based research shows that there are major differences between boys and girls in terms of reasoning and learning.

Hearing loss simulation, this allows you to hear what people with different levels of hearing loss hear

29 year old woman hears herself for the first time.

great explanation of cochlear implants

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MIRACLE!! Deaf Boy Hears Father's Voice For the First Time!!!

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What an amazing woman! Check out her blog if you have the time - there's recipes and general joy nuggets on there too!

...It's called the ransom box. If you leave your stuff out after 1 warning, mom puts it inside this box and you can't get it back until you draw a job from the envelope- and do it!-

hearing aids for dolls!

This is a beautiful story about a woman accepting the birth of a baby that wasn't who she expected her to be. I was in tears!

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Sesame Street - How Crayons Are Made - I loved this as a kid