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  • Marirok

    Espalier fruit trees. As the espalier tree grows, it becomes a scupture in the garden, a live sculpture that changes with the seasons, flowering in the Spring and bearing fruit in the Summer and Fall.

  • Barbara Shelton-Cummings

    Espalier fruit trees. As the espalier tree grows, it becomes a scupture in the garden. . . (tried this with an apple tree)

  • Donna Ferguson

    Espaliered apple tree | kitchen garden | jardin potager | bauerngarten

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walled espalier. I think someday I'd like to plant some trees to create a living fence.

Espalier apple tree. I totally need someone to come do this to my house.

Espaliered trees, Erddig by Kiwi Betsy, via Flickr

espalier. The Park Forest Mall used to have espalier-ed pear and apple trees in their heyday. So sad it's gone now.

RHS GARDEN, ROSEMOOR, DEVON Espalier fruit trees to save space and decorate. It takes time a patience, but results are very nice if you want an edible landscape.

Espalier - awesome design and functional - just got an idea for the fruit trees I have no room for :)

a good way to pack fruit trees into small spaces. Plus, it's easy to pick the fruit!

Traditionally espalier was exclusive to fruit trees, but now a variety of trees are being trained to branch horizontally, offering new design possibilities, particularly in small spaces. Plant crabapples inches from an exterior wall to soften a space and add spring color

Still puzzled at why I'm into this whole espalier tree thing, but I'm going with it. Love the wall.

!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really really really wanted to groom some apple trees into espalier apple trees before... and for some reason I never even considered how gorgeous they would be in bloom! My want just went up x a billion...

.Nice Work For A Small But Simple Artistic Yard! Look Closely At The Planning And Its Simplicity. A Very Nice Combination Of Simple Shapes Created In Simple Ways.