For my girls! They'll always be my babies no matter how old! I love you Aly and Kenzie! @Aly Baker

For when my little girl is not so little.... Makes me want to cry because I want her little forever!!

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For my lovely daughter... Happy Birthday!!!!

This so relates to my Son Lou & My daughter Nikki ,love them with all my heart. May God Bless Them Always.

My daughter is the world to me so whenever i feel down about myself i just look at her and know she is the one thing that makes me realize i accomplished something beautiful and something i cant live with out. Macy morales:)

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My daughter

to daughter's for mothers day | The Quotes Of Daughters And Mom In Mother's Day.

This is beautiful...

For my girl.

For all my family and friends, especially my daughters

There are days I say you're gonna miss this... Then there's a feeling I'm missing it while I'm in it

Mama, one of my biggest wishes is that you could be this for me. Sadly, you just won't. You refuse. I'm not going to fight it anymore. I accept this. I'm moving on. Thanks for teaching me what not to do as a mom. I'm going to be a better mother to my kids than you ever were to me. I never got it from you but I've decided I'm going to mother myself and love myself the way I need and deserve to be. Thanks for the hard learned lesson. I hope one day you understand I just wanted you to love me t...

I love my daughter more than words can ever say.


My son, Christian N. Mallon, 11-14-92 to 9-29-12, My daughter, Taylor B. Mallon, My don, Connor M. Mallon & my sweet baby boy Buquet October 18th, 1991, rest in peace our sweet angels. I love you all more than I could ever express! You're awesome! ❤️ Mom

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For My Girls, I Love You!

To my beautiful daughter Paige Alyssa Morgan...I love you! Your strength, wit, intellect, sense of humor, creativity, caring and compassion never cease to amaze me. Your are an incredible young woman with the potential for so much more than I know we both think possible.