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  • elizabeth schmidt

    Christian Bale - ah the newspaper boy all grown up.

  • Cristina Alvarez

    Christian Bale #celebrities #celebs

  • Gayle Bergman

    Christian Bale. I have a newfound love for this man after all this batman hoopla.

  • Matthew Wilder

    Christian Bale - a passionate actor, who not only becomes the role the his playing, but is also very philanthropic. Good guy right here.

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Christian Bale is one of the most talented actors and one of my favorites as well. Truly spectacular.

Christian Bale - Happy 40th Birthday Today!!

Already had a thing for Christian Bale... Before the Dark Knight there was Newsies... HOT!

Christian Bale - Because i first loved him in Little Women as Laurie, obviously. Because he's had such a tremendous career and because he's batman.

Christian Bale. ummm ummm is all I can say. Wrap him up with a bow....Merry Christmas

Christian Bale (Christian Charles Philip Bale) (born Haverfordwest (Wales), January 30, 1974)

While I shall always think of him as the little boy in "Empire of the Sun" (which is my favorite of Spielberg's movies), he looks rather comely here.

Christian Bale. Goes unannounced to visit victims in the hospital after Colorado shootings. Exactly what he should have done. Now I am a huge fan.

Christian Bale, my crush for him got 10 times bigger when he visited the victims in Colorado from the shooting at the premiere of The Dark Knight Rises. ♥