7 household cleaners you can make from castile soap.

12 Great Ways To Use Castile Soap

18 Uses for Dr. Bronner's Soaps! I recently rediscovered Dr. Bronner after watching Dr. Bronner's magic soap dish, BEST SOAP EVER!

Make your own "resort quality" liquid hand soap for pennies.

Making your own foam soap.. $4.00 for a year's supply, gotta try this!

Homemade Orange Cleaner, the real deal, and a great way to use orange peels before you throw them out.

DIY car seat cleaner!

Do Not Mix Vinegar & Dr Bronner's Soaps - check bronner website for detailed info

Homemade Liquid Dish Soap Recipe

Country Lavender Castile Liquid Soap - 16 Oz. from Nature's Crib

Castile Soap Uses

Many Homemade recipes using Dr. Bronner's Castile Soap to include body wash, hand soap and household cleaning products. (All listed on one page through this link!)

How To Use Castile Soap to replace 15 Household Products (...really versatile stuff, just what I was looking for!)

4 homemade cleaners. I'm going to try to stop buying store cleaners anymore. I hate using/breathing in the chemicals when I clean!

Blessing in a Bottle - also known as "kitchen Magic" This stuff will get through anything, make your sink and shower shine like new, and save you when just about nothing else works.

Homemade DISHWASHING soap :) for those who dont do the machine!! 1 1/2 C water, 1/2 C Dr. Bronner's Baby Mild Liquid Castile Soap, 2 tsp vegtable glycerin, 20 drops lavender....worth try

Cloth "clorox" type wipes...I will definitely be using these. I dislike buying clorox wipes, but always want them when I don't have them.

The many uses of Castile Soap! This is a great and informative list.

DIY natural Hand Soap costs 23 cents per oz. compared to 45 cents per ounce for store bought natural hand soap.

Castile Soap Uses