Good idea!

Two years ago I made a huge gardening mistake: I didn't keep a garden journal. This simple mistake ended up costing me in the long run. Here's how you can keep a garden journal, making it the ultimate resource that will save you time and money year-after-year.

Fabulous FREE garden notebook pages. Download the collection and make your own garden journal.

Did you forget where you planted those peas last year? Track your garden with a handmade journal, and leave room for pictures of all your beautiful blooms. Learn how to make one for yourself... just click through.

seed packet storage in small photo album... great idea!!

What a great idea! Plant all three bulbs in the same hole for a sequential wave of flowers.

4 Ingredients to Bigger Better Plants This Year!! This Stuff is STEROIDS for your plants!! #growsomethinggreater #gardening #gardeningtips {}

“She Planteth” ~ An Inspirational Gardening Journal Printable

How To Keep Your Nails Clean When Gardening

cornmeal in a jar garden slug trap- this works for ants too!

Old wooden ladder gardening decor ideas -- this site has several cute ideas, but this is my fave! :)

What to plant near each other - Companion Planting Poster

Make a home garden journal

good idea

planting tomatoes - you have to read and see this

Butterfly gardening for kids!

Self-watering see starter pots from 2 liter bottles cut in half.... could use water bottles as well

Based on past experience with growing pumpkins on the ground, I think this is SUCH a good idea.

Aquacorner Raised Bed Soaker Systems (drip irrigation plus raised bed corner in one)