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Crappy day cured. I love this face. Thank you Ollie Knucks #adoptrescuefoster #pitbull #rescuefamily @nwdogproject

Pitbull love

❤ #PitBulls

OMGoodnessx1,000,000. Trash Panda! And MURDER Dog! Such misnomers but they deal with it. Because they have no choice. Love. Love!

Pit bulls♥

OMG...I cannot stop laughing at these descriptions. #genius

Pit bull

Pitbull puppy - what a cutie!!! Please adopt from shelters and rescue groups and always spay or neuter your pets. It's the right thing to do. They will love you forever.

If people want to think pitbulls are monsters, they should at least get the cuddle part right.

She is Beautiful. #Pitbull

Pit bull love

...unless they're standing on an ovary or something, in which case they get moved but still cuddled afterward.

Home is where our pit bulls are!

Engagement photos with pitbull

Pit Bull Love

Funny Animal Pictures Of The Day - 24 Pics

Pit Bulls

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pit bull snuggles