painting of a gypsy girl with tambourine

Beautiful Roma girl with tambourine

Francisco Goya (Spanish 1746–1828) [Romanticism] Dona Isabel de Porcel, 1806. National Gallery, London, UK.

A Romani woman dancing.

A Dancing Gypsy Girl With a Tambourine I.Tarczalowicz Polish artist, Drawing


Gypsy Caravan, painting by Leon Goodman


gypsy girl

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Gypsy: #Bohemian woman, Goyo Dominguez, Spanish-born British Romantic Realist painter, 1960.

Interlude by Johanna Harmon.

Paintings with Roma. Gypsy tambourine

The Kiss, Francesco Hayez,1859, Italy, oil on canvas.

watercolor painting of a gypsy woman

Paintings with Roma. Gypsy tambourine

Gypsy Woman Art | Paintings with Roma. Gypsy tambourine

andre kohn.

The Flower seller , Cairo 1870 Marchande de fleurs , Le Caire 1870 By Jean François Portaels - Belgian , 1818 - 1895  Oil on canvas...

by Patrick Palmer

Henri Matisse "Espagnole au tambourin" (Pharyah)