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Bracelet made from vintage mismatched studs. #diyjewelry idea for earrings youve lost the match to. Keep a lil box to save them in as well as broken charms, dangle earrings and anything of the like. Youll find u can create and incorporate them into alot of projects. Ive even made windchimes and outdoor decor with broken, mismatched and random jewelry pieces.

DIY Nut Bracelet: Start braiding using a hemp string or an other sturdy but flexible string. at a certain part start adding a nut on every other outside string so it will look like the middle picture. In stead of a braid you can add on other friendship bracelets and hook on the part with the nuts.

DIY Rope Bracelet

DIY: rope bracelet ...these are super cute, but where can I get the accessory cord cheaper than $50 for 300 meters? Don't need that much.