Pool pond. It self cleans and has no chemicals!! What? So awesome!

Natural pools are closed ecosystems sealed by synthetic pool liners. In addition to mechanical circulation systems, the pools have non-chemical filters to catch additional small particles. The main water-cleaning takes place in the microorganisms and microbes... We need water plants to create a habitat for these elements (that clean the water). http://expandinghorizons.biz/html/pristine_swimming.html#

New on the list of things I want but will never afford

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I have seen a lot of amazing pools (in pictures anyway), but this blows them all out of the water (honestly, no pun intended!). I can't even say any more about besides TREE. TREE HOUSE. SWING.

natural swimming pool...the way to go

Pool, lazy river, hot tub, waterfront, amazing garden

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natural pool, really like this one!

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Above ground pool much cheaper just make it look 'built in'

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Rock Pool

Love the walk in-pool

Backyard movie theater.. WOW

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