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  • Debbie Van Dyk

    House of smith's finally opened an online shop for her AWESOME vinyl decals for my kitchenaid mixer!!!

  • Mary Gutierrez

    Mixer Decals - $12 through The House of Smiths Design Shop. I love this idea!

  • Libby Jackson

    super cool ideas for a kitchenaide mixer decals

  • Beth Malczewski

    cute stand mixer decals from House of Smiths

  • Nicole Edwards

    KitchenAid mixer decals. for when i want to dress up my pink mixer :)

  • Meagan Bridges

    Love these! A kitchen aid mixer is my moms standard wedding gift... Cant wait!! Mixer Decals - $12 through The House of Smiths Design Shop.

  • Elizabeth Bair

    Kitchen Aid Decals - Cute Idea

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I love this idea! Mine sits on my counter all the time...I might as well jazz it up a bit : )

SO CUTE! I just got a kitchenaid and LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! I think I am crazy cause I come up with something new each day to make using it. Now to decorate it like this would be fun. Mine is BLACK!!

Decals for your mixer :) I've got a plain silver one, but she won't be plain for long after seeing this!

Why didn't I think of this? I'm definitely ordering one as soon as I can decide which color.

Decal for my kitchenaid...and a gift for C only $12.00 at thehouseofsmithsd... Shelley Smith also has a really interesting blog on the site

KitchenAid Mixer

AND she lets you mix colors! Kitchen Mixer / Appliance Removable Vinyl Decal / by DecalsEnFolie, $12.00

I MUST have this mixer!!! Uhhh no...just noticed it's price...guess I should change that to I WISH I could have this mixer! LOL :)

I should put decals on mine, make it a little more colorful. Me (Alyssa) - HOW FRIKIN AWESOME IS THIS? This is where your art CAN match your couch - in other words, it becomes a nice accessory for your kitchen. But honestly, I think this would be No. 127 on my list of things to do. Clever Clever though!

My original Kitchenaid mixer was given to me 21 years ago as a one year anniversary gift from my parents. I love that one but would love to add this one and start a collection!