Drake Hanging Lightup Zombie Halloween Prop Yard Decoration

This could be great printed and used as a Halloween prop.

FEMALE FROZEN SEVERED HEAD Halloween Props | Halloween Props

Halloween prop - Monster Mud Reaper (creator MoxceyGirl's first attempt!


Halloween props

A brilliant idea! Make and decorate these zombie cookies with your kids. #Dessert #Cookies #Halloween

scary zombie pinata!

Strategically apply your zombie wounds. | 27 Disgustingly Awesome Ways To Take Halloween To The Next Level

Originally Posted by HauntedHotSauce.com Cotton will be totally decomposed and deteriorated in a matter of a two weeks and synthetic fabrics will look the same as you buried them months later. I guess the best dressed zombies wear polyester!I sew and distress my own zombie shrouds (ala Fulci's Zombi) using a cheap light colored cotton blend fabric and make big stitches with jute twine. I tatter


Graveyard scene

Cauldron Creep - via pumpkinrot

Haunted House Silhouettes

The Hag's Poison Bottle - this is a link to the site where you can buy it, but it looks really simple to make

Monster mud Reaper 2012

jamara zombie doll


I've seen this before - make stencil and sprinkle flour for 4th of July or whatever holiday you want. Does anyone know if flour does anything in blacklight?

look at those eyes!

I agree with previous pinner. There is something about her! La petite zombie doll....I love this freaky thing for some reason!