Chris and Liam Hemsworth


Sonny Bill Williams - New Zeland I have no idea who this is, but Good Lawd Look at those thighs...well actually all of it.

Ummm yes please

Mens Fitness eBook: Is it really possible your male DNA has led to secrets you can use to slash pounds of fat and build rock-solid lean muscle at the same time?

beards carefully curated- Check Tattoos - Check Muscles - Check Scotsman ......??

shia-labeouf with a beard... oh my god he magically became 10x hotter

Wtf Channing. Way to just about give me a heart attack. My gahhh. Nom.

tom hardy in vancouver... can never get tired of this pic. never.

dwayne+johnson+the+rock+(9).jpg 306×718 pixels

There is not enough Joe Manganiello in my life...Look how adoreable that face is!! I am sorry Bill and Eric but I think Alcide is my new favorite...

Beards and tattoos(:

hugh jackman

Rockin it - even The Rock does lunges!

Christiano Ronaldo ~ Real Madrid. i reallly, reallllly love soccer.

Vin Diesel - I don't usually re-post stuff like this, but this man is MY AGE! Oh. My. GRACIOUS. By thee gods, if he can look this good at 45, I can at LEAST get back in my skinny jeans!


Channing Tatum

Mark Wahlberg