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Monarch Butterfly Wing Nails

Monarch Butterfly Toe Nail Design. I don't dig that these are on the toenails, but I think they would be cool on fingernails.

Butterflies are a very popular motive this summer, especially when it comes to nails. Monarch butterfly is one of the most beautiful and well-known butterflies in North America. In Australia, it’s called the wanderer and it’s a symbol of hope. It’s also the most popular nail design theme, so let’s get down to nails. Check out the most beautiful and creative nail designs out there!

nail art pink flames by Janny Dangerous

Butterfly nails - these are really cute, even though butterflies scare me.. haha

Butterfly Wing Nail Art I am SO borrowing this polish from my friend!

The Butterfly Nails Tutorial . I'm sure it doesn't work this way, but maybe one day I'll try it.