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cool star wars geek tshirt design The Sarcasm is Strong With This One always. Never change that.....EVER


Hey, I just met you...

"Call me Maybe" Star Wars Meme...ok, this might be funny to me lol lath out loud Did that on purpose lol😛

Instant camouflages. (I'm putting this on this board because these people have to be pretty clever to think these up.)

Vadering. hahahahaha

Vadering. hahahahaha

Vadering. hahahahaha

BuzzFeed Communityfrom BuzzFeed Community

Community Post: A Very Accurate Workplace Notice

This is a velociraptor-free workplace. It has proudly been 23,740,703,486 days since the last incident.


“That’s What She Said” – Star Wars Style


Darth Vader after the movie || #starwars #DarthVader || Follow on

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Let the grump flow through you...

The Empire's new mascot.