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    Our Schoolroom 2011/2012

    Our homeschool room was made last year. We tore out the carpet and painted the floor, painted the walls, moved in some bookcases and cupboards, and decorated the walls with Peel Monkey decals (I love Peel Monkey!). This year, the room is staying much the same except that I have decided to use workbo...

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    clocks different time zones

    Clock wall Set each one for family and friends that live in different time zones! Good for military families.

    Deployment Wall - I am so doing this for the kids this time. I have the perfect wall!

    Check out these ideas for creating a "Deployment Wall" and including fun, lighthearted activities to get through deployment!

    Absolutely genius. Such an itty bitty space in her kitchen {only 6"!} and look at how much storage she gained! She made it herself to keep it custom for her space and to save some moolah! She painted the inside with a WOW of chevron! You totally wouldn't expect it, but it really takes the project to the next level. The cabinet is on casters which makes it easy to pull out, even with heavy jars and cans being stored inside. Fantastic DIY!

    For all my military friends!!!! this is too sweet and made me tear up!!! Give daddy a good night kiss every night while he is deployed, have the kids gift it to him when he gets home.

    This desk in a closet, I, however, would like to have this set up in my kitchen. I really like the little sitting area.

    time zone clocks (family that lives far away), individual bulletin boards, art displays, organizing bins

    Have a stuffed daddy made for deployment for your kid @I am a Stuffed Animal

    Free Printable helps young children understand the concept of time, become familiar with a hand clock, and a basic schedule. If you have your child help you set the schedule for the next day, it begins to hold them accountable and helps slow the arguing when it is time for chores, bed, or other undesirable activities!

    Expedit from Ikea. Love the small pendat lights above the workspace. I'm thinking a really long desk for a community computer area for the family.