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Bunny tails - ornamental grass ... Oh, how my mom used to LOVE these! ♥


Miscanthus, a very dense shrub that takes the shape of a ball. Easy to maintain, grows quickly.///Repinned via decorget


Lemon grass is a natural mosquito repellent and grows quite tall. Plant some in deep planters and place on the patio or where you will have people sitting, and you will also have a privacy hedge with the height the grass grows. The scent is very appealing, not like sprays contains deet! It us a perennial grass so you won't have to worry about planting it again!!


Uncinia Rubra - Firedance Ornamental Grass - front porch landscaping Love the color! I'm now on a mission to add this in my garden next to the Karl Forester.

light hillside pathway behind house BEGA LED Garden and Pathway Bollard 7239/7249-idealightings