Fabric Basket tutorial - great for organizing everything! Add handles to this basic tutorial.

I thought I’d share with you how to make my fabric scrap “basket”. It’s VERY simple. I whipped out another two baskets in no time at all. Now I have all of my smaller scraps organized into small, m…

Fabric baskets and tutorial...nice website for tutorials.

Fabric Baskets Tutorial-- this site has TONS of tutorials for sewing projects- bags, baskets, caddies.

70 free easter baskets templates

The Patchwork Fabric Basket is a great way to show off pretty fabrics and keep your home organized. Free patchwork projects like this one will keep you sewing and quilting, even when you can't finish a whole quilt.

15 Bag Sewing Patterns to Try  Mom: I NEED the black chevron bag with the brown leather base.  I NEED it.  I really do.

15 More Bags to Sew

Bag Patterns 15 Bag Sewing Patterns to Try Mom: I NEED the black chevron bag with the brown leather base. I really do.

Free Tutorial - Fat Sack by Terry Atkinson

The Fat Sack Tutorial - Grocery DIY reusable bags - can make them and toss them in washing machine! So great since carrying food in them can cause bacteria to grow. Always need to wash the reusable bags!

Simply Stylish Tote : Home Improvement : DIY Network.  I made this today.  Her directions were quite hard to follow ... pictures would have been helpful.

Simply Stylish Tote

Simply Stylish Tote : Home Improvement : DIY Network Would love to make tote bags, and put my own designs on them.

Quality Sewing Tutorials: Car Trash or Toy Bag tutorial by Tinkerfrog

Maybe use for trash bag too? Just put plastic bag in this, but this could hold it in place.Tutorial for over the seat car storage. A great idea for all of those toy airplanes in the car!

great ideas for storage boxes... will be needing more of those soon!

SUPER USEFULL~~~ Surlepetitchemin's box, made with this tutorial from Pink Penguin's fabric basket In a Nutshell's nesting boxes Jezze's no-interfacing storage basket Urban Nest's cereal box storage bins Kargrrl's square-bottomed canvas bucket