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Story of my life


I don't even know why I laughed so hard. But for some reason I need it in my closet

I think I'll call off my boyfriend search now that hockey is back. Can't have too much going on, you know.

"You're taking me with you... Right?" ~ Dog Shaming shame - German Shepherd - - Can you imagine if all dogs could do this??

This makes us blush.

Only hockey players take a time out in the net.... :)

"Get off me Pierre!!"

This helpful dad... | 29 Parents Who Are Clearly Way Better At Texting Than Their Kids

Now, where do I apply to be the massage therapist for the U.S. Men's Swim Team?

awesome new site i just dicovered! check out the uber cute workout clothes


Funny Pictures Of The Day – 92 Pics

Hippos do it best.

THE ONLY JOKE THAT MATTERS: | The 29 Most American Things That Have Ever Happened


Me too....


This will be me and Taylor.

Hola, hola coca cola. Que te pasa calabaza? Nada, nada limonada. Otra cosa, mariposa. No se, Jose. Te explico, Federico? De volon, pin pon. Hola, crayola. De nada, empanada.

"Many Cookies" – Daily Odd Compliment | best stuff

I woke up to exactly ZERO pins from you this morning. WTH?! I thought we were friends!


I love you so much, I'd even cut your LVAD wire. Like in Grey's Anatomy... #grey's_anatomy #some #ecard

Lion king