"Yes, I am trying to eat healthy. No, I am not on a diet." Because it's a lifestyle, not a phase..... Remember this people! Dieting is only a temporary solution! Eating healthy needs to be a lifestyle change!

Oh so true!!

And only 3 at a time.

I agree with this. Tired of the tears and feeling depressed--so I did something about it! Love every second of the journey too!


and it's not even that I don't want too. It's just that it's not worth it. So I don't. Or try not too ... most of the time ;)

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hahahaha love it!! This is for you, Krista...ok and maybe for me lol

Many people have been taught to believe the only way to get protein in one's diet is by eating animals. And that simply isn't true.

Haha so, so true. This is happening right now!

Just because someone is watching their food choices / sticking to healthier foods doesn't necessarily mean their goal is to lose weight! Well said! So tired of hearing "Why are you eating that?! ..You're already skinny!"

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It's not a diet, it's not a phase, it's a permanent lifestyle change

Why yes I am on a diet; It's called the too rich for food stamps, but too poor to buy food diet.

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