• Randi Kopp

    Infographic: 13% of social media users are identity theft victims #socialmedia #privacy

  • Directly.me

    www.Directly.me - the worlds first anti social networking website!

  • Ryan Laird

    ‘The information age’ after viewing this article can be named the ‘too much information age’. This shows how much personal information is being shared from people all over the world on Internet sites. Information that may be available for complete strangers to see. The good news is that information graphs like this spread awareness of the problem. The bad news is that there is still the danger of sharing too much information on the web.

  • Sparx IT Solutions

    Best Social Media Marketing Company

  • Shawn Provance

    Are You Revealing Too Much on Social Networks? [Infographic] Great guide for #socialnetworking and what information can be used against you. #socialmedia

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