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    • Abigail Van Cannon

      Hanging herb garden idea

    • Deb Gnahn

      shoe pocket vertical herb garden

    • deanna brucker

      Vertical Herb Garden using a pocket shoe organizer...want to try a vertical garden this summer

    • Shelley Davis

      Another Vertical Herb Garden Idea

    • Stacey Van Fleet

      I have three kids under the age of five, and while I would love to have a veggie garden, I am still a little too frazzled to take on a huge project like a garden. But check out this vertical vegetable garden made from a shoe organizer - I think I could handle a project of this size! You can get large shoe organizers at your local department store for under $10, or a small shoe organizer (with 8 pockets) for just $1 at your dollar store.You will also find some vegetable seeds at the dollar store. Project by Instructables user pippa5. [how to make a vertical veggie garden] [via] Gardening stuff is hitting stores now, so be sure to visit your dollar store now for quick-selling items like hanging baskets. They sell out quickly, and can cost five times more (or even more!) at other stores. A lot of the materials in this project could vary in price quite a bit depending on where you shop. I'm not sure how much the pole would cost. I'm guessing it would be more than $1, even if you got the materials at the hardware store. Project Estimate: Hanging shoe pocket organizer, $1 and up Pole and attachments for hanging (curtain pole or pipe fittings, screws), $1 and up Strong hanging hooks, $1 and up Soil, $1 and up Selection of seeds such as lettuces, herbs, peas, mini tomatoes, $.10 per pack and up Trough planter to catch drips, $1

    • Donna F

      how does your garden grow...

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    this is adorable! i would love this on my carport ...or tiny screened porch if it would fit.

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    I pinned this forever ago and it got deleted. But this is what I've been working on for months now. Anna Malcolm, ours are more than just 4 herbs.

    DIY herb gardens. Cut the soda bottle or any plastic bottle with a cover. Turn upside down; attach to board. I'm thinking of leaving the cover to the bottle on; punch in a few holes to drain excess water, but not have the soil drain out also.

    vertical herb garden. I cant wait to move now! I cant even have a potted plant outside my door in my community. Urgh! I need to plant something!

    Alert for my teacher friends! Here is an idea for a vertical garden in your classroom (plus a fish tank). This could also work in other places -- your homes, places of worship, community centres, etc.

    Add flavor to any dish with herbs straight from your garden.

    Hanging Garden website developer & web designer events planner & show organizer interior designer & home decorater online service provider &

    Space saving garden. I'd put this on wheels and move it around to get more/less sun.