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Nulla Minimalist

Minimalist Bike

Minimalist Approach

Concept Minimalist

Minimal Bike

Bradford Waugh

Spokeless Wheels

Spokeless Bicycle

Spokeless Concept

Nulla Minimalist and Stylish Bike Concept

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cool bike

Lotus Type

Lotus 108

1992 Lotus

Lotus Pursuit

Pursuit Bike

108 Pursuit

Boardman S Lotus

Chris Boardman S

108 Olympic


Zapfina Bike

Bicicleta Bicycle Bike

Moto Bike

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Zapfina Concept

Zapfina Concept Bike ..was inspired by the connection between bones and skeleton.

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Recumbent Bicycle

Nuseti Mountain

Mtb Mountain Biking

Superb Mountain

bicidelfuturo - Cerca con Google

Concept Chris

Boardman'S Concept

Amazing Concept

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Concept Vehicle

Boardmans Future

Future Bike

Future City

Future Bicycles

Concept bike.

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Crazy Bike

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Concept track bike from designer Alex Suvajac. The bike utilizes current technologies and material. It looks progressive, sleek, fast and fan. The author states that the bike was inspired from nature. Looks very unusual indeed

Surly Quad

Bmx Quad

Quad Fatbike

Fatbike Mtb

Title Fatbike

Fatbike Class

Engineering Athos

Engineering Creates

Engineering Project

Contes Engineering Athos Quad "mountain bike". Now that's a little different! Looks more like a dry land training dog sled.

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Bicycle S

Folding Bicycle

Folding Bike Design

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Bike Folds

Bike Hubless

Interesting Bicycle

Soda Bike

Sada Bike – hubless, elegant and folds to the size of an umbrella

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Futurist bicycle with hubless wheels

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Modern Bike

Iron Pyrite

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Bike Lifestyle


Ubergizmofrom Ubergizmo

Four Awesome Technology Concepts of 2011

Ingsoc Hybrid

Chainless Ingsoc

Edward Kim

Benny Cemoli

Ingsoc Bicycle

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Cool bike

Bike Vintagebicycle

Rod Bike

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Lunartic Bike

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Bike Bicyclette Bicicleta

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Hubless Rear

Hubless Wheels


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Boot Electric

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Electric bike with rear hub motor and front hub battery, plus pedals with 6-speed transmission if you run out of juice.

Apple Ibike

Apple Logo

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Designer Juan

iBike, The Apple Bike Concept

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Mountain Bike

All-Terrain Bike


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Bmw C1

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Crazy Electric

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Human Electric

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Ingsoc Concept

Ingsoc Hybrid

Benny Cemoli

Edward Kim

This electric bicycle concept is out of this world!

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Custom Bicycle

Lowrider Bicycle

Fat Bike Cruiser

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Velo Custom