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I actually said this during one of my cross country practices and everyone that heard started cracking up! THANK YOU LEGALLY BLONDE!

Captain Jack Sparrow on board ship, movie commentaries. Pirate, swan. A chance to to do the right thing, I like to wave them as they pass by. Ha ha.

This is possibly one of my favorite moments ever from one of my most favorite movies ever!!

If Disney Movies Had Honest Titles - I love Disney, but this is too funny! And totally true

Doug was my favorite! @Rósa Guðjónsdóttir Fairytale Barnett <----- LOL! Staci, did you change your name to vintage fairy tale Barnett? Because I typed your name & this is what Pinterest came up with. This is funnier than Doug's joke.

When my sister and I are together, we basically speak exclusively on movie quotes.

This entire movie was created for the sole purpose of making food puns

Click this image to browse lots more #Funny #humor pics & awesome #quotes! :)

Ok some of these Ive seen but that Gaston spitting is so nasty!! And Aladdin is making a Gideon face!

Legally Blonde - best line :) I quoted this in my ACT essay in high school

Well, more specifically, I speak fluently in Wreck-It Ralph or National Treasure movie quotes. ;)