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Shatner Hosts Curiosity's "Grand Entrance" to Mars - compare with the Wil Wheaton version for fun

NASA - What's up in the night sky this February? Close-up Mars and two comets visible by telescope! Watch and learn how to spot them.

Seven minutes of terror: slowing a space probe from 20,000 kph to 0 and touching it down gently onto the surface of Mars.

All the planets within our solar system in one picture.

Scientists have only searched through a tiny fraction of our galaxy, and with the fast advances in technology, we can expect many more interesting discoveries in the future. But for now, check out the handy infographic below, courtesy of, displaying all known types of alien worlds.

Valles Marineris: The Grand Canyon of Mars Astronomy Picture of the Day

Three generations of Mars rovers. Sojourner was a serious trend-setter. The MER rovers have had amazing longevity. Hopefully Curiosity (MSL) will land safely this summer and continue the trend.

Overcoming its "seven minutes of terror" -- and winning the hearts of geeks worldwide -- the 2,000 lb. NASA Curiosity Rover landed on Mars at 1:39am, early Monday morning EST.

planet facts - Google Search

The south pole of Mars, like the cream on a latte. Click to enaresenate. Photo by ESA / G. Neukum (Freie Universitaet, Berlin) / Bill Dunford