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Our Massive Impact On Earth, In Glowing Maps

Whether it's building cities, railroads, or even power lines, our interconnected world has a heavy footprint on the rest of the environment. These...
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    Anthropocene Mapping - Global Transportation System | Cities are yellow ; roads are green ; ships are blue ; airlines are white.

  • Shadrach Florea

    Global Transportation Networks

  • Erin McCleery

    Glowing maps - Our massive impact on earth

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Artist Ren Ri works with bees to create art like this map of the world made of honeycombs.

The 13,699 mile road trip: There would be one stop in all 48 contiguous U.S. states, as well as Washington D.C. and two stops in California for an even 50 stops. Each stop would be at a national natural landmark, national historic site, national park or national monument. The vehicle would never leave U.S. soil.

This map shows the amount of snow it takes to cancel school in the various states. From

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Photographs of the earth from space.

Thursday, Nov. 13, 2014 - map showing arctic blast hitting the USA. Blue shades indicate sub-freezing temperatures.

Shower Curtain World Map

A recent high resolution map (2014) of the ocean floor revealing thousands of underwater mountains and extinct volcanoes previously unknown. The Extinction Protocol | Geologic and Earthchange News events

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August 5, 2014. Double trouble: Hawaii Threatened By Back-to-Back Tropical Cyclones: Iselle, Then Julio -

510 year old map etched on an ostrich egg in Italy. Photo via Washingto Map Society

This 510 year old globe was painstakingly etched into the surface of an ostrich egg in Italy. Photo credit: Washington Map Society

A map of the richest person In each state

Map: How The 50 US States Got Their Names

Map showing possible scenario if the Yellowstone supervolcano erupted.

World of Stereotypes

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Planning a move? Padmapper is a super helpful site that shows you what's available for rent - also has user submitted reviews and data... so you know which parts of town to avoid!

World Money Fiat Currency Map Poster

wall map

Map of United States Made from corn by caitlin levin and henry hargreaces

Map of Italy Made from Regional Tomatoes by caitlin levin and henry hargreaces

Map of France Made from Regional cheese and breads by caitlin levin and henry hargreaces