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i'm more of a shower girl, but sometimes a bath just feels gooooood. :)

the smell of bubble gum. The original Double Bubble is my all time favorite bubble gum!!!

as much as I do love to eat fresh fruit, I want to go to where ever this was taken much, much more

And this is me. I have developed a dangerous obsession with sweaters! I want just about every frickin sweater I see!

Laina this makes me think of being in the plane on our way to Zambia and seeing the most beautiful sunsets outside our window.

There's nothing better than giving my Chiquita some love.

I wish I had fast internet, but I have a Cell-com internet box, and it's so slow. Maybe it's because I live on a remote island, but other places have super fast internet.. :/

when I find those special pens i have to keep them because very few pens make my handwriting legible.

Days when it's not too hot, not too cold.- Little reasons to smile