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  • The WODmat by Refuge

    #RyanGosling CrossFit Meme #heygirl #workout

  • Beki Winchel

    Another total win for Ryan Gosling "Hey girl" memes: this one's about Utah drivers. #hilarious #funny

  • Alison Toetz

    true story

  • Carolina Quatela

    I'm going to change my husbands name in my phone to Ryan Gosling and put his picture on it, so I can dream he's calling me lol

  • John Howard

    The Best Of, “Hey Girl” Meme – 20 Pics #meme check out WWW.FAILIOUS.COM for funny things.

  • Jessica Ward

    "Hey Girl, I know you're not feeling well, can I take you to ZoomCare?" ZoomCare - Healthcare on Demand #Meme #RyanGosling

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It can't be too much to ask if the most perfect man in the world is willing to contribute to creating euphoric experiences in my life.

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Is it weird that I have that same dog leash and collar for Sam and Mila??

baahhahaha... that girl..... and the fact that someone tore off a tab makes it even better...

YES! This is hilarious!

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Hey girl, I'm thinking mason jars with wildflowers. And twins. - Ryan Gosling // Oh Ryan. You're so down to Earth!

LOL SO AMAZING!!! That moment when your internet friends are better than your real friends ♥

who said you have to choose between Ryan Gosling and puppies? (Justin Edmund has learned the secret to getting repins)

i've pinned this interview with Ryan Gosling before, but these captions are just too good to not pin