Interactive tool and foldable for studying angles.

Types of Angles for math journals

Types of Angles

DIY- Types of Lines and Angles Activity


Runde's Room: Math Journal Sundays; making a pop-up bar graph! Could make this into a double bar graph to meet our grade 5 math concepts perhaps?

love the rays to use behind the protractor

Keys to Math signs ....

This is a fun first-day activity... children will love discovering these fun facts about their teacher (or their classmates).

4th grade math worksheets slide show - Worksheets and Activities - Measuring angles with a protractor | GreatSchools


Mrs. Exner's Fifth Grade Class Blog: Mrs. Exner’s Math Class Foldables

great for math stations

Math Notebooks-4th gr. teacher explains and provides photos of items, some of which include vocabulary foldables, in a math notebook.

graph foldable inside

Fractions anchor chart

Interactive Math Notebooks - some good visuals from a third grade math notebook.

Excellent foldable idea to teach angles

math key words

foldable - steps for division

Measurement and Math Notebook ideas