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  • Jacob Puckett

    What an amazing caterpillar - the larva of an archduke butterfly (lexias pardalis dirteana) pretending to be an evergreen conifer

  • John Williams

    What an amazing caterpillar - the larva of an Archduke (Lexias pardalis dirteana) Butterfly pretending to be an evergreen conifer.

  • Chris Holst

    caterpillar source

  • Aurora Gem Boutique

    You have to look twice to see this is not a leaf. This amazing caterpiller is the larva of an Archduke Butterfly pretending to be something it clearly is not. If we cannot see this kind of beauty at first glance, what else might we be missing. Perhaps there is a parallel world just beyond our view – ever present, ever animated and just waiting to be found.

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So cute! I love how this caterpillar is "hugging" the blade of grass. :)

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Androgynous Departure - Caterpillars are known to be Androgynous as they are reproduced in an A-sexual manner. The departure side of this insect is shown within the next part of its life, as a cocoon. The idea of departure from one life to another, as a butterfly could be an interesting idea to explore?

I've seen lots of Swallowtail butterflies in San Diego, but never any of these guys. Still, I think of them as "caterpillar classic."

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Monarch Caterpillar. I volunteered this summer to raise Monarch Caterpillars to Monarch Butterflies! Then I would tag them with special numbered stickers and release them! I hope some make it all the way to Mexico!!! ♥

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