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How to Create the Kitchen of Your Pinterest Dreams

It's time to make your Pinterest fantasy a reality! Get ready to make your dream…

How to Paint a Cheap Kitchen Table to Look Brand New

Transforming an inexpensive old table with chips and flaking finish is easier than you might think. With an afternoon and some attention to detail, a dreary eyesore can become a bright and cheerful centerpiece for your kitchen or dining room!

How to Make a Spice Drawer Organizer

24 Weird Kitchen Gadgets That Are Actually Pure Genius

Don't waste hours cooking dinner one step at a time. This <a href="" target="_blank">three-tiered oven rack</a> can cook everything at once.

How To Make A Vanilla Air Freshener Spray

How To Make A Vanilla Air Freshener Spray 1 Cup Water 3 Tablespoons Imitation Vanilla Extract Mist Bottle Combine the water and the vanilla extract. Place in a mist bottle. To use, spritz some of the spray up into the air as needed to add the warm cozy smell of vanilla to the room.