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  • Kat Kuju

    Saint Katherine-Patron Saint of the Orthodox Christian Fellowship. From Alexandria, daughter of Constas (or Cestus). Exceedingly beautiful, chaste maiden; illustrious in wealth, lineage By her steadfast understanding, she utterly vanquished the passionate, unbridled soul of Maximinus, the tyrant of Alexandria; by her eloquence she stopped the mouths of philosophers who disputed her. She was crowned w/the crown of martyrdom in year 305. Her holy relics were taken by Angels to Mt. Sinai

  • Katie Ries

    Saint Katherine - The Patron Saint of the OCF - Orthodox Christian Fellowship

  • Natalie Anagnos

    St. Catherine, the Great Martyr of Alexandria, is our daughter, Cat's, saint. We celebrate her and her Yaya's name day on November 25th. Xronia Polla to all who share this name day!

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