childs birth date tattoo.love this! I will add my children's birthdates underneath my wedding date tattoo

Japanese characters

a few Chinese symbols with a rough translation into English (Eng-Win). Although I do like this - do you think that the Chinese use our words for wisdom, love, peace as a tattoo?

I'm a Taurus, Em is a Pisces. Not about star signs, but as Em said, it's cool that these stars were in the sky when we were born.

Getting Inked: Tattoo Basics

Zodiac star constellation for wrist tattoo. -I liked every other zodiac constellation except mine. lol cute idea though.

God is still working on me #tattoos

God is still working on me. - God is still working on me. Love the placement and style of script

God is greater than the highs and lows; Dios es más grande que las altas y las bajas

Interesting tatoo: "God is greater than the highs and lows." Check it out: a G for God, a greater than symbol, and an upside down V and right-side up V to symbolize the "highs" and "lows."from Nick Jonas