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Looking at a violin, you would say "it's so hard to play! I mean, look at me! I suck!". But you see, when you look through the music, it's not you adjusting to the music. It's the music adjusting to you. ♥

In a 2009 print campaign for the Chamber Orchestra of the Berliner Philharmoniker, Art Director Bjoern Ewers captured the insides of instruments, revealing the hidden landscapes within. The interiors appear larger than life, with each instrument conveying a different emotion and sense of space. While the softly lit interior of the violin exudes tranquillity, the staggered pipes of the organ are reminiscent of a skyline in a bustling metropolitan city.

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Wicked DEFY GRAVITY Quote modern print poster annonce téléphonique / message téléphonique / téléphone fixe / messages vocal / messagerie vocal / messagerie répondeur / accueil téléphonique /standard / musiques attentes téléphoniques / spot radio / studio pub radio

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The Sound of Music "My Favorite Things" Print - 11.75x36 inches

Sound of Music!!! BEST. SONG. EVER!!! Aaaand it's gonna be stuck in my head for the rest of the evening now... :')

A heavenly light shines into the f-hole of a violin, illuminating the gentle curves of the instrument’s hollow belly. Utterly captivating photographs by Andreas Mierswa and Markus Kluska who bring their expertise in high-end fashion photography to produce breathtaking macro images of the interiors of musical instruments.

painted baritone I guess they can only play happy music with this. @Laurel Harris don't you wish the Santa Cruz High band looked entirely like this?