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  • Emma M

    the Farallones National Marine Sanctuary is home to one fifth of California's harbor seals. These mammals rely on safe havens within the Sanctuary to rest, and breed. Seals are semiaquatic mammals with a sleek, barrel-like body and fins. Their winged fins make them part of category of animals known as pinnipeds. There are 3 different families in the pinnipeds group: phocidae (true seals), otaridae (fur seals and sea lions) and odobenidae (walrus). There are more than 30 species.

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    Seals #seals #sealions #manatee #sealife #oceanlife #mammals

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    So many Cute Animals Photos

  • Anna Nordling

    Seals are my favorite sea creature!

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    Cute Adorable Animals Photos in Hi-Res : theBERRY I love Otters!

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3:1: After surfing, Anna heads over to school. Here, she feels like a playful seal in the water. All seals want to do is play and enjoy life, but they can't always be playful. They constantly have to watch their tale (back). In school, Anna juste wants to enjoy her life and have fun with friends. However, she can't because she must keep being a good student. She is in a period where she is not exactly sure what she wants from life, and school is helping her figure it out.

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sevimli hayvanlar 2 Günlük Awww: Whats daha sevimli hayvan pics? Hi res olanlar (HQ 30 fotoğraf)

Seal, do a barrel roll! - The Meta Picture... I like my baby seal with powdered sugar


.AWWW...! I want a seal as a pet. How can you every be sad when you have someone smiling to you like this?

Arctic Seal by BlueBunny1024 - via Pepe's photo on Google+